Hi everyone!

My name is Kim Daamen and I will be your Integration Coordinator of the year 2016/2017! This year I’ll be coordinating the Culture Committee, the Integration Committee and the Dutch Language Course. Besides this I will be representing ESN Utrecht in several platforms and promoting and executing projects as, SocialErasmus, the Host Family Project and the Mentor Programme.

Together with those committees we will make sure that you get to know everything about this slightly crazy and lovely country. Did you ever heard of the ‘kaaskoppen’ and ‘kikkerlandje’? These are funny Dutch words that you will definitely hear of!

About myself, I just finished my master degree Intercultural Communication at the Utrecht University and this year I will be fully committed to ESN! I was born and raised in Portugal and five years ago I have moved to the Netherlands to start my studies. This was definitely, so far, the greatest experience of my life.

With my own personal experience and knowing how it feels like to have to fit in a completely new country, I hope you’ll get the same feeling as I did, in having the beautiful city of Utrecht as your new home. Also due to my cultural background I have created a great passion to explore and work with different nationalities so I am really excited to meet all of you!

I really look forward to organize many wonderful activities for all the ESN members and to provide the international students who come to Utrecht an unforgettable time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an e-mail to: integration@esn-utrecht.nl.