Hello everyone! My name is Mayke Jildou Schlatmann, and I am the president of the 27th Board of the Erasmus Student Network Utrecht. Last year, I graduated and finished my bachelor Language- and Culture Studies at Utrecht University where I majored in Culture, Communication and Diversity. This year, I fully dedicate my time to ESN Utrecht.

I have been on the whole ‘going-on-an-exchange’-rollercoaster and I have personally experienced what it is like to go into the unknown. Last year, I lived in Canterbury, Kent, UK, and just simply loved it. Yet I know how challenging it can be sometimes to be an international student. At ESN Utrecht we are here to help, and we will go above and beyond to make sure international students feel at home in Utrecht. Me and my fellow board members will ensure that they have the best experience they can get.

As a president I am the spokesperson for the Erasmus Student Network Utrecht. I am responsible for the overall picture, the policy paper and the year report. In addition, I am in charge of our Human Resource Management. Throughout the year, I organize all kinds of activities for our volunteers and committee-members, to make sure that they too find their place within the organization.

When I am not at the office, I love sailing, swimming, making music, going on trips, travelling and anything that involves different cultures, languages, international students, and exchanges. I am also a huge tea lover, especially if it is combined with a bar of Tony Chocolonely caramel sea salt. Looking at all the things that we have planned for the upcoming year, I am certain that it will be a great year. I am very excited! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at president@esn-utrecht.nl, and hopefully we bump into each other soon!

Until then, all the best.