Lovely ESN-ers, future ESN-ers, random interested people, visitors of this website – I greet you.

I am Fabian, the Treasurer of ESN Utrecht for 2016-2017. I am 25 years old (however I still look like I’m not allowed to buy alcohol) and I live in the beautiful city of Utrecht. I came to Utrecht to study Management, Economics and Law at the Hogeschool Utrecht on my 18th. After that I went to the University of Amsterdam for a MSc in Accountancy & Control. Hence the Treasurer function. In my free time – if I have any this year – I love to do sports like tennis and running, cook and listen to music. From Chopin to Blues and Techno, I love it all. I also happen to work as a bartender at Club Poema, where the ESN nights are on Tuesdays. So when I’m not there as a board member, I might be serving you drinks.

Why did I choose to become a board member of ESN Utrecht? I have never been on exchange and I kind of regret this. So I want to get a little bit of this feeling by joining the internationals in Utrecht and make sure they have a great time here. Besides that, internationalization of everything is becoming more important every day. I can contribute to this by helping internationals in Utrecht.

As the Treasurer of ESN Utrecht I am responsible for everything related to money. Budgets for activities, paying suppliers and making sure we receive all the money we should receive. And of course the administration of all this. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!