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The president of ESN Utrecht has as main tasks: Ensuring the cooperation within and the functioning of the board, as well as being the primary point of contact for the Higher Education Institutions and other academic-related organs. The President is also responsible for many of the presentations and speeches given at different events.

Within ESN the president is in charge of the yearly strategy: coming up with both the policy plan, and the yearly report. The president is also the point of contact between the supervisory board and the executive board. The president also sets the agenda for the weekly board meeting and oversees the meeting. Finally, the president is in charge of the human resource management handbook.


The Secretary within the ESN Utrecht board has as main task: the managing of the internal and external communication of ESN Utrecht. Next to this the sectary is also part of several committees and other organisations such as ISHA, and the pynx committee. The secretary is responsible for the Pick-up service, and assists in giving presentations during the introduction period.

Within ESN Utrecht, the secretary takes minutes of the board meetings, is in charge of coordinating the Activities and the Archive committee, the schedules of the Executive ESN board for office and other shifts, as well as the writing of the monthly newsletter to all active volunteers.


The treasurer of ESN Utrecht has as main responsibilities: the ongoing financial administration of ESN Utrecht, and the ensuring of financial stability of the organisation. The treasurer also makes the yearly budget and is in contact with the supervisory body, the Finance Committee.

Within ESN Utrecht, the treasurer coordinates the Career and the Pubquiz committee, checks the budgets of the committee treasurers, and creates the ticketsale for all events.

Partnership Manager:

The main responsibilities of the Partnership Manager are: the maintenance of current, and the initiation of new, partnerships and the responsibilities of each party toward the partnership. The partnership manager is also in contact with the Finance Committee. Finally, the partnership manager is responsible for both the introduction weeks.

Within ESN Utrecht, the partnership manager coordinates both the party and the introduction committees.


The main responsibilities of the PR coordinator lie with the internal and external brand recognition of ESN Utrecht through: the promotion of all ESN activities and offers, the administration of the social media and the website of ESN Utrecht, the newsletter sent to all internationals, and the devising and ordering of promotional materials. The PR coordinator is also in charge of the role of ESN Utrecht during the UU orientation days.

Within ESN Utrecht, the PR coordinator coordinates the PR, the journalism and the UIT committees, checks the promotion of each committee for the events, and selects and uploads pictures after the events.

Integration coordinator:

The Integration Coordinators main responsibilities are the coordination of the Dutch Language Course, Culture Committee, the Integration committee and since this year the ESN Music club. The Integration coordinator is in charge of the ESN Utrecht SocialErasmus programme as well as the orientation day of the HKU, assists in giving presentations during the introduction period, and is in charge of the creation of mentor and guide groups.

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