The Activities Committee (also known as AC) is in charge of organising multiple evening events throughout the year, combining sportive with fun aspects. This way, they bring international students together in a social, sportive and fun way. Some great examples are laser tag, night canoeing, salsa dancing, bouldering, ice-skating, bubble soccer and a prison escape!

Besides organising the sportive evening activities, they also set up everything for a weekend abroad to one of our neighbour countries twice a year! Cities that we visited in the past years are Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Brugge, Luxembourg and Cologne. These weekends are there to let the internationals get in touch with Belgian and/or German culture while doing social activities, a city tour (or by boat) and discover the nightlife together.

The committee consists of around 6-8 people and is coordinated by the Secretary of the board. Together they work out all the preparational details for each event and at the event itself, they make sure everything runs smoothly. Meetings take place once every two weeks.