The Promo Committee takes care of promoting ESN Utrecht through creating brand awareness all around Utrecht. They make sure everyone knows ESN. The Committee also makes ESN look it’s best by creating original visual content. This group of highly creative people does everything from making videos, taking pictures at ESN event, creating appealing designs to setting up new projects.

Every year the Committee focuses on new projects, with which they help the PR Coordinator to achieve multiple goals. During the last years, they promoted the committees of ESN,  made sure our introduction looks the best through an aftermovie, additionally took pictures at events, created a map for incoming students, designed flyers and posters or worked on a project about showing the humans of ESN on our social media channels. Anything is possible!

The Promo Committee consists of 6-8 people who start off each year with a big brainstorm. When the goals are set, they will work on a few projects together and try to promote ESN in the best way possible. In this committee there is a lot of space to try out different things, to learn new skills and to develop your creativity.