Gino is the Communication Manager of the 31st board of ESN Utrecht. He is mainly working with social media making sure that you stay up to date with all the events ESN Utrecht organises. Besides this, the Communication Manager is also working on the UU Orientation and the Utrecht Introduction Time. Additionally, Gino is also coordinating the Promo Committee and the Journalism Committee. 

Of all the board members, Gino is the only one that hasn’t been abroad during his studies Global Sustainability Science. Though, he has always been internationally-oriented and also wants to give other people a great experience. Therefore, he decided to join the ESN board. 

In supermarkets, Gino cannot pick one cup of a spread. He gets very excited by the spreads of Maza and thoroughly enjoys the variety the brand has. Therefore, he picks at least 2 different kinds, but preferably more. At this moment, Muhammara is his favourite spread.