Would you like to learn the Dutch language in a fun and interactive way?

Well, this is your chance! Especially for you, ESN Utrecht and Career Services have set up a Dutch Course. A basic level of Dutch is convenient in your daily life and essential if you are considering a career in the Netherlands. Our course is very practically orientated, you will learn some useful words and sentences about a different theme every week. For example: introducing yourself, family, getting around, food and holidays and traditions. Get ready to impress your friends! 

Next to our basic course, we will also be offering an advanced Dutch course. 

The course will start on the 2nd of October and will take place every Wednesday up till the 11th of December between 18:00 - 19:30 OR 20:00 - 21:30. 

Want to make the most of your time in the Netherlands and learn some Dutch in an affordable way? Make sure to get your hands on a ticket for the course! Ticket sale will start in September. Want to be notified before ticket sale start? Sign-up here!

We hope to see you soon for a Dutch talk! Tot snel ;-)

*Please note that the beginner course is designed for students who do not have or barely have any knowledge of the Dutch language. If you already know some Dutch, we would recommend you to sign up for the advanced course.

IMPORTANT: Since the demand for the Dutch lessons outweighs the supply, we expect all participants to attend the lessons and to notify teachers in due time if you are unable to attend. If you were planning to enroll in order to sample or get an impression, we strongly discourage you to enroll.

Advanced course

Just to be sure; if you can read the following text without too much difficulty, we expect you to perform well in the advanced course. If you were able to translate the text more slowly you are still eligible, but you have to expect to put in some effort.

Nederlandse lessen voor gevorderden.

Dit semester starten de taallessen van ESN Utrecht. Er worden naast beginnerslessen ook lessen voor gevorderden georganiseerd. Deze lessen zijn het vervolg van de eerste tien lessen die voor beginners worden georganiseerd. De gehele les zal in het Nederlands worden gegeven en zal veel luister-, spreek- en leesoefeningen bevatten. Daarnaast wordt grammatica behandeld.