Do you like alternative sports? Sports that you won’t easily do back home? Sports that are a lot of fun to do? The AC organizes a night of BOSSABALL. This unknown sport combines volleyball, football and gymnastics to make a great new sport for which you and your team will be spending most of the night on a trampoline and aircushions trying to win our ESN-Bossaball-tournament! 

We will devide the group into four teams and those will compete against each other. Does it still sound a little vague? No worries: there will be an instructor to tell us how the game works. They will help us understanding the rules and make sure everyone will be safe during our tournament. 

As the location is a little outside of the city center, we will gather at Vredenburgkade 11 (Next to the entrance TivoliVredenburg) and cycle to the location together. The AC knows the way so no worries if you are not yet a pro in cycling with Google Maps! We’ll be there to help you out! 

We hope to see you on the 5th of march!

IMPORTANT: the location doesn’t have changing rooms so make sure to already wear your sportsgear! Also, you can’t wear your ‘outside shoes’ inside, so bring sportshoes with a clean sole.

When: March 5th (Thursday)
Where: 19:20 gathering for cycling at Vredenburgkade 11
Bring? Sports clothes and indoor shoes

05/03/2020 - 19:45