After a successful online pubquiz we are very excited to meet you all again, online of course! On Monday we will kick-of the UU wellbeing week in a fun way. During these times it can also be very healthy to take your mind off your studies and do something fun. And what better way to do this than at one of our Famous Pubquizzes! And this months edition will be all about art!

Have you found a new way to entertain yourself? Maybe you’ve finished all the movies that were still on your watchlist? Have you found a way to bring music into your own home? Or even learned how to paint? Let's see if you learned enough from these new hobbies to win at the upcoming Pubquiz!

The best thing is that there is NO limit for the participants. So invite all your friends and join together from the comfort of your own couch!

HOW? You can join our Pubquiz easily!

  • The pubquiz committee will host the pubquiz through a live stream!
  • To stay in touch with your teammates, you can call each other using Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or any means you like. 
  • Let your teamcaptain fill in your answers at the online answer sheet.
  • We will post the links for the livestream and answer sheet in the Facebook event on Monday 19.45. We start 20:00 sharp, so make sure you’re online with your team at that time.
11/05/2020 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.