Hi everyone!

Are you going to be the next wolf of Wall Street? After our first and second event you gained skills for applying for a job and on how to negotiate your salary. It is now time to dive deep into the world of investing and stock markets, to make money out of the money you worked so hard for! Have you always been curious how investing works, and do you want to gain more knowledge on how you can put your share in shares? Then you don’t want to miss out on this event!

During our third career mixer Martien van Winden, author of the Dutch book “Je leeftijd als goudmijn” will teach us the ins and outs of investing. His book is aimed at young people who are intelligent and curious, but for whatever reason do not know how the stock market works and how to profit from it. In this webinar-shaped-event Martien will explain how investing works, how you gain profit from your first wages earned and more importantly how to use your age in your advantage!

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We hope to see you on the 31st of March!

The Career Committee

31/03/2021 - 20:00 to 22:00