Dearest committee members!

A new year brings new hope and new activities. Even though we are still in a lockdown, it does not keep us from seeing each other. On the 11th of February the second Local Platform is planned. This online event is specially organised for you, our beloved committee members.

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Did you miss Local Platform 1 or do you simply have no clue what we are talking about?

During Local Platform 2 it’s time to reconnect with each other. It is also a time for reflection, we will be giving feedback to the board and fellow committees. We will give an update on the scores of the committee challenges and of course you are also welcome sharing all the gossip of your committee during this night! We will provide you with the ingredients for some nice cupcakes during the evening. These ingredients will be delivered, corona proof, at your doorstep by us personally. However, it’s up to you to bake them and show off your skills!

We start at 19:30 and we expect to end the evening around 21:00. We are looking forward to spending the evening with all of you. Can’t make it to this LP? Please let our secretary know by sending an email to And for those of you who will be joining us, also put yourself on 'going' on the Facebook event.

11/02/2021 - 19:30 to 21:00