ESN Utrecht and the UNICEF Student Team Utrecht are joining forces!  Together we are organising a scavenger hunt through the city centre of Utrecht. Test your knowledge on children’s rights while discovering the city! Join us on the 7th of April for only 4 euros. The money will go to UNICEF to help those in need. You can sign up in duos and alone. The group that finishes the scavenger hunt the fastest wins amazing prizes, such as a free meal and great goodies.

The scavenger hunt takes place during Social Inclusion Days; a two-week initiative during which volunteers across the entire Erasmus Student Network boost their efforts to raise awareness about social inclusion, inspire social change and unite people from all different backgrounds.  

When? 7th of April, 19:00h

Where? Utrecht!

Price? 4 euros

Sign up? Here

Duration? 1 hour

07/04/2021 - 19:00 to 20:00