The Finance Committee is one of the supervisory bodies of ESN Utrecht. Every income and expense of ESN Utrecht is checked by the finance committee. Additionally, this committee provides aid to the Treasurer whenever something is unclear regarding finances. They meet once a month to check everything finance-related and receive an update from the Treasurer on the financial status of ESN Utrecht.

In the academic year 2020/2021 the Finance Committee consists of:

  1. Fabian Koolstra (President)
  2. Carlijn Verhagen
  3. Dirk Jan Ardesch
  4. Huibert het Lam
  5. Jos van den End
  6. Lamia Soussi
  7. Maarten Visser
  8. Marco Koevoets
  9. Cecilia Catanzano
  10. Janna Colen
  11. Hassaan Rashid
  12. Frank Barten