Hii sweet reader,

Congratulations! You’ve come to the most important page of ESN Utrecht, the introduction of me, Sonja van De Wetering. Now you might wonder, what makes me so superduper important? Well, I am this years’ Integration Coordinator.

If you are interested in Katy Perry’s music and why I personally think it is so bad, if you want to be convinced that Bollywood movies are amazing and really worth watching every second of the 3 ½ hours running time, or if you have any other topic you love to talk about, do not hesitate to come to me! I love random conversations :)

In my free time I don’t like but do watch Katy Perry funny moments because they make me feel very funny in comparison. What I do like to do is doing yoga, playing football and skating around (no tricks because I want to please stay alive, thank you).

And finally, some basic, non Katy Perry related information about me; I studied Artificial Intelligence, I originally come from Amersfoort and I didn’t go on exchange because it was cancelled because of the C word that must not be named.