Our Integration coordinator is Guusje Hoogendoorn. As you can probebly tell by her name, Guusje is born and raised in Holland. As Integration coordinator she is responsible for the integration between international and local students. She is in charge in lots of different projects like the mentor programme, Social Erasmus and the host-family project. 
Furthermore she coordinates the Culture Committee, the Dutch language committee and the Integration Committee. 
Guusje is 24 years old and studied violin at the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam and Psychology at the Erasmus University. She lived for 4 years in Rotterdam and after graduating her music studies she went on exchange to the other side of the world: Australia. She also travelled in Thailand, Cambodia, Cuba and Europe where her love for different cultures grew. The role of integration coordinator fits Guusje really well as she is always enthusiastic in coming up with new idea's and in organizing lots of different projects at the same time.