Lindy Beuk is our dear PR Coordinator. She grew up in a small town in the Netherlands and is currently 21 years old. Before joining the board, Lindy recently finished her Bachelors in Spatial Design. There she mostly focused on designing public spaces and parks. After her board year, she wants to continue a masters in landscape architecture.

Lindy first got in contact with ESN as a real international. During her studies, she went abroad to the cultural city of Ghent and joined almost every ESN activity there. After this experience, she joined the activities committee of ESN Utrecht as their PR responsible.

After her brief ESN history, she decided to join the board! Lindy is responsible for the creative side of our section by producing original ESN press materials such as flyers, banners, and other social media content. The UITweek, Orientation Days and the Human Resources Workgroup are also part of her portfolio. Next to coordinating the PR responsible of every committee, she is the coordinator of two lovely committees: the Journalism and the Promo Committee. 

Lindy loves the creative side of her position. You can keep up with everything she is doing on the ESN Utrecht Social Media channels. You can find her not only on social media but she is almost at every activity and ESN Student Night in Club Poema. With any questions or creative ideas, feel free to contact her!