Hi everyone!

My name is Lotte Klaassen, I'm 22 years old and I studied Law here at the University of Utrecht. This year, I will be the Secretary of the 28th board of the Erasmus Student Network Utrecht.

I got to know ESN through a friend; who immediately made me enthusiastic about becoming a mentor. After being a mentor, I went on my own exchange to Helsinki, Finland. When I got back, I was in no way ready to leave the ESN spirit and lifestyle behind and that's why I decided to apply for a board position.

As the Secretary I will be in charge of all the external and internal communications. This means, among others, that I will be anwering all of your questions! Besides some other function-specific tasks, I am also the supervisor of the Activities Committee and the Archive Committee. Lastly, I am the ESN representative in the International Student Housing Assistance (ISHA), a collaboration to protect the rights of short stayers renting a SSH accommodation.

Before starting my Masters in Law next year, I fully intend on making this the most amazing year for all of you! Also, I am very excited to work together closely with my fellow board members. But most importantly; let's have some fun this year and make memories that will last!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any question and/or remark (secretary@esn-utrecht.nl) and I hope to see you around somewhere this semester!