Fons is the treasurer of ESN Utrecht for this year. As the treasurer he is responsible for the financial side of ESN Utrecht by keeping the bookkeeping up to date, regulating the ticket sale and making sure all payments and invoices are sent and received in time. Next to that, he is also responsible for the annual budget that needs to be prepared at the start of the year. Apart from these financial matters he also coordinates two great committees: the Career Committee and the Pub Quiz committee.

Fons got a first taste of international life when he went on exchange to Sydney in 2020, which unfortunately had to end after 6 weeks due to Covid-19. After he returned to Utrecht, he joined ESN Utrecht as a member of the activities committee. This sparked his enthusiasm for ESN which led to his decision to join the board. Prior to joining the board, he finished his bachelor degree in Biology, in which he specialized in marine biology and ecology.

If you have any questions about financial matters, about plants or animal species or if you just want to see pictures of his pet axolotl Teun, send an email to